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The Energeia Energy Tracker monitors the development of new energy infrastructure in the Netherlands; both large scale (centralised) and small scale (decentralised), both fossil and sustainable, and both generation and network assets.
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Energeia Energy Tracker - how does it work?

1 Compile your search profile. What kind of projects and which milestones in the development phase would you like to be informed about?
2 Energeia Energy Tracker informs you on a day to day basis of new projects and changes in existing projects. Online and by email.
3 Add projects to your 'favourites' list to keep track of new developments.
4 Export reports and detailed information with regard to customers, involved parties, contact persons, delivery dates, funding, locations and project history.
Energeia’s EnergyTracker team collects news and information regarding energy projects in the Netherlands from the earliest possible stage of the realisation project until completion and delivery. We use hundreds of different channels and sources in our hunt for new megawatts, petajoules and cubic meters.
We assess, organise and publicise all relevant data in our transparent database. Our on-going efforts at making the EnergyTracker as up-to-date and detailed as possible, are helping parties to find each other and create a unique and complete insight into the Dutch energy market.

Why will Energy Tracker be of assistance to you?

It helps you gain insight into the quickly changing landscape of the energy market.

An ever increasing number of parties are gearing up to play a role in the energy project market. Export datasets to XLS to make your own analysis about the state of the market.

It is a powerful tool that helps you with the acquisition of new assignments.

The Energy Tracker enables you to filter out new projects that match your business propositions and allows you to monitor them. Additionally, it provides information that directs you to the right people behind each initiative at the right time.

We remain on top of things every day, so you will not miss a thing.

Every day we scour numerous resources for new promoters of MW’s, PJ’s, m3’s and MVA’s. The Energy Tracker uses human intelligence, web crawlers, advanced news filters, social media and online databases. Our team of editors, which produces the best online energy newspaper in the Netherlands, provides high quality input and support.

It contains information which can be found nowhere else in a collective form.

Energeia collects, judges and structures information with regards to all generation and infrastructural energy projects initiated in the Netherlands. We thoroughly check the details and follow up on them to ensure you have the most up to date and complete insight into each project.

The subscription – Key Account and Add-on

Dependent on the needs of your organization, it is possible to take out one or more subscriptions

1 Should your organization decide upon a subscription to the Energy Tracker, it is necessary to start with a Key Account. The Key Account (€ 1.400 per year) provides access to our databank plus 12 Export Credits per year.
2 An Export Credit enables you to export Energy Tracker data during a 24 hour period to a Microsoft Excel file on your computer. It is possible to filter and adjust the selection criteria in order to achieve the download results which most suit your needs. Export Credits remain valid throughout the entire duration of your subscription.
3 Need additional Export Credits or Users? You can easily extend your Key Account with an Add-on User + Export Credit (€ 600 per year). This additional account enables you to add an extra subscriber who is then also able to log in to the Energy Tracker and export data from the database for 4 periods of 24 hours (per year). Alternatively you could opt for an (read-only) Add-on User (€ 500 per year). With an Add-on Export Credit (€ 125 per Export Credit) you are able to export on a more regular basis.

A corporate subscription (a combination of accounts) gives you additional benefits

Focus: All users can create their own individual filters and keep track of their favourite projects online and by mail.
Pooling: Share your Export Credits with your colleagues to keep the total subscription fee within budget.
Access: Every user can have full time access to the database without the risk of an access denial following a time out.
Authorisation: Create your own company user environment. Allow other subscribers within your company to use Export Credits with or without your consent.
Billing: Receive one specified invoice yearly for the entire company.

Key Account and Add-on options

Key Account - Price: € 1.400 P/Y
  • Minimum subscription
  • Online access to all projects
  • Daily/weekly project alerts by email
  • 12 Export Credits yearly to export project data to XLS
  • Management screen for multiple user accounts
User + Export Credit Add-on - Price:€ 600 P/Y
  • 1 Extra User
  • Online access to all the projects
  • Daily/weekly project alerts by email
  • 4 Export Credits yearly to export project data to XLS
User or credit Add-on - Price: € 500 P/Y
  • 1 Extra User


  • 1 Extra Export Credit

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